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Exclamation Zen Touch: Stuck on Recovery screen

I got a creative zen touch for christmas last year and recently, for no obvious reason, everytime I turn it on I am stuck on a Recovery screen. I have tried to just clear everything off and start over but then it tells me that there is a hard disk problem. Any ideas? Or am I just out of luck and my brick has finally died?
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If you've already tried reformatting the drive and still get the Hard Disk Problem message, then I'm afraid your hard drive has died. Fortunately, replacing it isn't all that difficult. It's a standard, low-power 2.5" laptop drive. Just be sure to get one that closely matches the original drive's specifications.

The original drive specifications (from my 30GB Zen Xtra):
Fujitsu MHT2030AT
Capacity: 30GB
Power rating: +5VDC @ 0.55A (550mA)

If you get one rated at +5VDC (which I think all are) at 0.5A or less, it should work just fine.

Should! I had changed out the drive in mine, replacing mine with a 40GB drive, and it worked great until I updated to the PlaysForSure firmware update (aka Zen Killer), which immediately turned my Zen Xtra into a paperweight!
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I jusr recently ran into the same problem w/ my Zen Xtra....except I get a
"Firmware Problem" message. Are they one in the same? H/D & Firware Problem. I've tried reformating w/ no luck.My computer see's my Zen, but in properties says 20mb. Is my H/D toast ? Or is there a fix. New to this site and it seems vry helpful and knowledgable. Thanks in advance
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Default Zen Touch

Hi There

Just to let you know the harddrive you'll need is a Hitachi 1.8" Travelstar and the model is HTC424020F7AT00 this is the only harddrive that will work in your player you my find some on eBay but be very carefull if it's second hand, the last HD i bought was 65 inc VAT for a 20g, i've repair lots of zen's and i'm now having a go at zen sleeks for a change, if you need anymore help just mail me.

Kind Regards,

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I actually had this exact problem a little while ago with my Zen Sleek-- Booting straight to the Recovery menu, and only getting a generic "Harddisk problem" error screen any time I would try to do anything.

I decided to open it up to check out the hard drive to see what kind I would need so I could try replacing it. The data plug that attaches to the hard drive itself was partially unplugged. So, I pushed it back in all the way, put it all back together again, and turned it on just to see if something different might happen. (I had it set in my mind that the hard drive failed and I would need a new one, so I didn't expect anything different to happen) And to my surprise, it worked just like new again.

Before you go off and invest in a new hard drive, I suggest opening it up and make sure that plug is in all the way. Since you'll be opening it up in any case, it wouldn't hurt.
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Default Recovery mode

I just found this remedy to my Zen Touch being stuck in recovery mode.
Switch it on and smack the back of the device with the palm of your hand. A hard smack is required. I was amazed when mine started working. I was just about to shell out for a new hard disk. I hope this helps.
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Default Long time missing my tunes

I have shelved my Zen Touch for the past 2 years because the player was stuck in the firmware options mode and any attempts to format the drive always displayed the harddrive error message.

Your "recovery method" worked! Now it shows Re-building Library for the first time ever. My lucky day 👍
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