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Old 01-25-2011, 04:38 AM
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Regarding the Phonak PFEs and bass: fitted correctly, i.e. with a good seal - not difficult compared with some other IEMs - and EQ'd appropriately on my J3, I can get as much bass out of my PFEs as I can my Klipsch S4s. Way more than I'll ever need - the Machbass3 preset will blow your head off if that's what you want.

Moreover, the bass is tighter and much more defined.

For me, being a guitarist, that means that, for example, you can really hear the plummy tones of Paul McCartney's Hofner on early Beatles recordings and compare them to the brighter tones of his Rickenbacker on later material. Or really hear the slap and thump-in-the-chest of a rockabilly stand-up bass. Or hear when Jack Bruce is playing either his Fender Bass VI or his Gibson EB3 on Cream albums. Or Lemmy's Ricky driving Motorhead along. Pink Floyd's 'One Of These Days' is sensational.

The performance over the whole frequency range is very smooth, detailed and even with no appreciable humps. I like the S4s but they are a blunt instrument compared to the Phonaks.

edit: I should add, I have the 012s with the green 'perfect bass' filter.

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