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Old 01-23-2011, 11:43 PM
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@everyone: thanks for the kind words and glad i could be of help
@dfkt: thanks for the FP and funny you should mention the JVCs, I've had my eye on them for quite a while, but wallet says no-no ..
@adub: doh :facepalm:..why didnt I think of it before? shoulda been fairly obvious :P.. thanks for the tip..worked like a charm
@brett_val: i do keep the clip+ and the VBs together and used to do the same with the Denons..the Denon case is a bit narrower then the VB case, but slightly more thick (about 3-4mm and I haven't noticed any physical damage to either of the 'phones..
@Finlandia: thanks for the pic
@Franchan: I wouldn't use either for running (I use my old EP-630 for that purpose)..S4 coz of the thin cables and questionable durability and the c551 coz the stock cable is a split one & simply too long.. the c551s are also a bit large to comfortably stay in your ears while running..go for something like these if you only wanna use them for running.. overall though, I'd get the denons; they are definitely the better choice between the two and the build quality alone would be worth the extra $20, no to mention the better SQ
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