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What is your budget? do you want it to record and play back in stereo as well? How much storage do you want? The voice recorder I am considering buying is the Olympus WS700m. It has a micro SDHC card slot, and has 25 hour battery life on one AAA battery.
it has stereo mics and can recod and play in stereo. It has one built in speaker. it comes with one AAA nimh battery. The recorder can charge this when it is plugged into a USB port. It will record in mp3, wma, or PCM, and offers a few choices for bitrates. It can record in mono or stereo, and has a stereo mic jack(no line in though). It has a separate area for music storage, but has a 300 folder limit. It has 4 GB of memory built in. In the US it sells for as little as $70(the list price is $100). Outside the US it may be over $100.

There are many other voice recorders. Some don't have a mic jack, and most don't have a card slot. Some record in a proprietary format, while many others are WMA only. Many of the ones under $100 are mono only. The lowest priced ones can't connect to a pc.
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