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what exactly is "sleep mode"?
i am really puzzled.

the first days i used the R0 i was amazed about it recalling even points where i stopped
for video-files. now it doesnt recall anything even after a few minutes.
the reason might be what you are refering to.... sleep mode.
i push-hold the on/off/keylock-button to make sure the player turns off completely.

i noticed a text-file in folders, where files reside, wich i just used.
i am very sure, this file keeps the information about where the user left playing that file.
if samsung could just take advantage of this and let us read the file with the text-read-function.
i have to verify this again though. but i am sure there has been such a file.
it would be very cool, if they could just let it be there for us to read out, where
we left listening to an audiobook, a video or a long music-track.
i wouldnt mind not to be able to have the player remind every single folder/album
i have been listening to. but if we (the users) could access that text-file and look
for our selfs, that would be awsome and sufficient for me.
it just has to be visible and readable via the gui and not been deleted before that
specific track gets accessed again.

sry, if i dont make sense.
i am very tired and need some sleep.
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