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Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
Samsung told me this bug will be fixed in next firmware IF they decide to release a new firmware.
So I'm currently negociating with them to get a one more firmware release (probably the last one)

My current requests list is:
-fix manual library update issues
-fix: myDNSe settings lost in sleep mode
-Improve safe disconnection on Windows Vista and 7
-Fix the issue in Text viewer in Russian language (words are cut at the end of lines)
-Fix this bug: After updating the library manually in the settings, there is an issue in “recently added” songs. It displays all songs added at the same date (today) even if files were added at different dates
-Fix this bug: When selecting Datacasts icon while there are no datacasts on the R0, it displays 2x the word “EmoDio” in French and Italian languages
- what exactly is a "manual lib update". whats it for? never used it.

- havent used mydnse so far as it would use up more battery power.
wich is ridicioulisly short anyway. no i dont watch many vids or leave
the screen highlighted. frankly i am very thrifty, where ever i can.

- with "safe" disconnection you mean the manual removing process of
devices? or removing on win7 in general? i always just pull the plug
and havent had any issues so far. (of course no write or read process,
nor any file on the player is in use at that point.)

big thx for your persistance towards samsung and all your help for us!
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