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Default Nomad Zen Xtra (Win7) Drive not recognised

1st I installed JB3MV2_PCWDRV_US_2_01_00 and then installed the OEM Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra disc. After the install I can see the files on my 40gb Zen in the media center organiser. I gac add/delete the files using that.

What the issue is that the Zen is not recognised when I open my computer? That is how I always transfered the files before when I was using my XP machine. But with the new Win7 64bit nothing shows uo there. What is missing i believe is called the Nomad Explorer that would show up on My Computer

So now I found ZenXtraP4SAudible_PCFW_LB_2_10_03 and installed that. Now the player is recognised in my computer but shows it as only a 20gb HD when in fact its a 40gb HD? What gives

Ok after that all I get is:
Rescue Mode v1.13
Boot v1.4 HW v0.01
1. Clean Up
2. Format All
3. Reload OS
4. Reboot
now what??


Well uninstalled all the creative programs as well as uninstalled the WMP11 and went back to WMP 9. Installedthe firmware driver and play for sure. When I get to the play for sure I select english and click on that when the Zen is in RelodOS>start firmware update now. It will will not recognise the player. I can hear the XP Home recognise it when I plug it it, also at that point it asks for sofware so I tried the OEM creative disc that came with the player. That also will not work, I went into the defive manager and see a big yellow question mark. So I opted to uninstall and then try over again.

Also when I fist tried to do this I did update the firmware from 1.xxxx to sorry I do not remember the exast name, but the new firmward said that it would limit the number of files I could save to the disc.

At this point I'm having fits,.


What I had to do is uninstall WMP11 and go back to 10. What I had done previously was just to uninstall XP SP3 and reinstall SP2 and at that time I went back to WMP9. The issue was with WMP 9 you need version 10. Went into boot mode, reloaded the OS w/ ZenXtraP4SAudible_PCFW_LB_2_10_03 and that was all it took. Now the Zen is recoginsed on Win7 also in My Computer. Also somthing else I found was that I can use Jet Audio Media Center if I want to load the music. Or just simply drag and drop.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12 freaking hours of dicking around wit this!!!!

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