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Default Earphone Comparison Sony EX35 and V-Moda Vibes

This will be more of a comparison (from my point of view) than a proper review. Hopefully some people will get some benefit out of it.

I picked up a pair of Sony MDREX35LP earphones yesterday on sale. Not sure why I did, cause I don't really need new earphones. After less than 24 hours I wanted to post my first impressions.

When I go to bed, I have been listening to a Samsung YP-Z5 player with music that has been quietened with MP3Gain. For the past couple of months, I have been using V-Moda Vibe earphones. Last night I started out with the Sony EX-35s. The volume seemed MUCH quieter than the Vibes. After a while, I switched to the Vibes, and confirmed that the Sonys were definitely quieter by replaying the last two songs that I had heard on the Sonys (or inversely the Vibes are louder - depends on your pov). [I also have V-Moda Bass Freqs and JVC FX-66 Air Cushions. I have used both a bit in the same situation, and did not notice any volume change from the Vibes.]

I also felt that the Vibes were more comfortable in that situation, but it could be because I am very used to the Vibes while in bed.

Final comment, the Sony cord seems flimsy, plasticy. The Vibes have a cloth covered cord that I quite like. Initially I thought that the Sonys had more microphonics from the cord, but once I was settled in bed I didn't notice it.

Until last night, I didn't realize that similar IEMs could be so different in volume. For those troubled by Sony's implementation of the European volume limit, I would suggest trying different IEMs as a first step.

To come:

1) I want to try the Sony tips on the Vibes. I have heard a lot of positives about the Sony tips. And probably try the Sonys with V-Moda tips.

2) I have been using V-Moda Bass Freqs with a Clip+ as my walk-around and waiting room companions. I'll try the Sonys in that situation as well.

For bensotor's review of some of the same earphones, see

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