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Talking Galaxy S kills iPhone!!!

I just read an interesting article about how Samsung have sold more of their Galaxy S phones than Apple's iPhone's. Now this is great, but the company only achieved this in Korea. Still an excellent achievement, Congratulations Samsung!

In just over a year since it first became available in South Korea in November 2009, the Apple iPhone series has sold in a total of around 1.8 million handsets.
Meanwhile, Samsung has announced that it has sold more than 2 million Galaxy S Android-powered smartphones in its home country in the six months that have passed since its release there. The Galaxy S is the first smartphone to have reached the 2 million sold milestone in Korea.
The Galaxy S series may also be the first Android device/family to reach 10 million units sold worldwide, as the total sales passed 9.3 million this past Friday. It certainly looks like it’s only a matter of time. Clearly, people love the Galaxy S, but the 10 million milestone will also be reached with the contribution of Samsung’s extensive distribution deals – this phone was sold by dozens, if not hundreds of operators worldwide.
or comparison, the iPhone 4 has seen sales of 14 million units from its launch this summer and until the end of October.
Samsung has also said that the Galaxy Tab has reached 100,000 units sold in Korea, and a million worldwide.
Here is the link if you are interested
Also Samsung has sold 30 million Samsung Star units, here is the article.
And Samsung Bada 2.0 will soon be available too, here is the link.
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I'd say its more because of their vested interest in the brand. Like Finns with Nokia and Japanese with Sony, they probably buy it because they feel obligated. Or then they just get some awesome price on them because they have relatives that work for Samsung or something.

The Galaxy S would be the phone to like though, it is probably Samsungs best phone to date.
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Galaxy S has ht 9.3 million sales worldwide since introduction in June. By Comparison, Apple sold 14 million iPhones in the 3rd quarter, and estimates put them at 15 million for this quarter. So you're looking at an estimated 30 million vs. 10 million.

Still, that's one Android phone. If they had released the SAME phone on each carrier, so accessories would be compatible with each (some are, some aren't), and then put just a little more effort into advertising, they might have done noticeably better. Still, 10 million is nothing to scoff at.
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Agree with all. A welcome development indeed!
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There is a tendency to underestimate Android sales because of the fragmentation of the market (carriers and manufacturers). This said, the best test is still to look at people on the street, and at least in Australia, it seems I say WAY more iPhone 4 than Android devices - and certainly very few Windows 7 phones.
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I don't think that samsusg is the best phone company but with the better and better phones they can be shooting at the top soon
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