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Originally Posted by Brett_val View Post
Wow , three day delivery sounds impossible (I thought they were in Singapore though.)

It's funny that your opinion on them is so different from others, most people comment on the huge and detailed bass and feel that the highs are a bit on the background. You seem to encounter the opposite? Doesn't the bass go much deeper than Bose's, and don't you think it's also more refined?

The cable is a bit weird yeah, it's thick and sturdy but that makes me confident that it will not break easily .. I hate it when that happens.

About the tips, I also have some troubles with them, they slip out of my ears slowly, and sometimes when re-inserting I just can't get them right anymore, up to the point where I get so annoyed that I leave them out. Like you say, it's a real pain on the go.
Try some different tips, as you may know the people around here have good experiences with Sony Hybrids, which are quite cheap. I'll eventually order them from Amazon as I'm unable to find any decent tips locally.

As for the dirty tips, I take it you mean the white packing stuff that's on them? That was also on mine, but it came off easily. I was just happy to see they were packed securely.

Nice to see some more user reviews on them, thanks for that!
I placed order on 8th Jan it was dispatched on 10th and reached me on 12th in India.
Yeah the buds look dirty.
Uncle Wilson should pay more attention on packing(not attractive like of Premium brands)
Sound quality:Let me put them on fire for burn-in
The attachment with 2 dots produces good bass but 3 dot gives distortion.

I need opinion of power users about burn-in period of VBs.
Did you experience any change in sound stage and after how many hours(roughly,may be days)?

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