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Ok so after a couple of days;

I'm still not used to the touchscreen but you're right, it's not sluggish. It was just me. Speed is fine, it's just hard to touch and adjust to the right finger placements to hit what I want, and hit it properly.

Battery life... still weird. It depleted in less than a day yesterday (maybe about 5 hours). But today it's still going strong (all bars). So we'll see.

Clock works and is on time. Radio trick works

4) was adressed by Kizune's awesome new music player for the J3. Fantastic ONLY beef left; there is no way to change the 'range' upwards. His skin alllows me however to select all tunes by the currently playing album or artist, but there is no way to change the range to all songs after. Still, much needed improvement and thank you Kizune

As mentioned, this is with 2.23 as stock, so it's the latest firmware. It's still buggy, still randomly freezes from time to time, but it sounds nice and it's got an INCREDIBLE screen.

Thanks for the tips everyone, much happier now
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