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Default Selling Zune HD for Cowon j3/s9

I've had my Zune HD 16 gig for a few months now and have already lost interest in it. Not that the device was bad, the Zune was great but I need better sounding music. After finding my old Sansa e250 and Rockboxing it, I just can't put up with the Zune's sound quality. All over the forums I've seen People praising Cowon for the amazing sound and am leaning toward the j3 because of the card slot. Anyways, does anyone know how much I could sell the Zune for? It's in great condition, looks like it came straight out of the box and operates as such.

Replies would be much appreciated.
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Sorry I can't help with advice re selling your Zune, but I really must respond regarding the negative comments about the sound quality. Sound quality is the LAST thing thing I'd get rid of it for!

What 'phones/IEMs are you using? I ask this because I have a ZuneHD and traded up my trusty Creative EJ630 IEMs to the Panasonic RP-HJE900 which for 96 I paid are simply STAGGERING. See the review thread on

They utterly transformed the listening experience.
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I too have a Zune HD and HJE-900's as well. I only paid $75 for them though . The sound quality is great, much better than my previous creative players and even edges my high-end video Walkman. The only complaint I have is no customizable EQ.
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The SQ without any EQ on the cowon is about the same as the Zune. When you add the custom EQ and sound enhancements (BBE+, etc..) the cowan really pulls away in sound quality. It's like listening to your home speakers with and without a pillow in front of the speakers, the enhancements are amazing.

As far as the price, check out and see what ebayers are getting.

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I also can't speak to selling the HD, but I did get HJE900's as well, and they do truly make a huge difference. You probably can't find them for as cheap as some of these people are saying (I got mine for about 80 USD), but from what I hear, they can compete with much more expensive phones (I don't own any really high end stuff). You should find them for about or less than 150 USD
- Justin
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That's funny. I just recently sold my Cowon J3 and ended up buying a Zune HD to replace it. The sound and video quality on the j3 does blow the Zune out of the waters, but I needed internet capability. I sold my j3 for $200 and paid $135 on ebay for a brand new unopened 16gb zune hd and the asking prices of used ones were around the same price. If I were you though I would wait and see if Cowon comes out with something better. There literlly nothing exciting to do on the j3 except listen to music and watch videos.
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Right now I'm using a pair of Sony mdr e76's and comparing the sound from my sansa(rockboxed w/ EQ) and my zune, it is amazing. The sansa I now currently use is on the verge of breaking unfortunately also, having owned it for three years and it going through the wash. Also, adding memory from a card slot is becoming a must. Thank you for the replies
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