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As was stated, WAV files do not support tags with metadata.

So while they are playable on the J3 (if you find them using Browser and navigate/drill down through your folder structure to the folder that contains those WAV files, and select them for playing) they will NOT show up anywhere else which is supported by tags.

So you will not find that album's songs under Artists or Albums or Songs, all of which are presentation of the J3's database of tag-related information. Since no tags in WAV files -> no information in Artists, Albums or Songs.

You need to ENCODE those ripped WAV files to another format that DOES support tags, if you want to see those tracks in Artists, Albums or Songs.

MP3 is the most common format to encode to (I suggest LAME as the encoder, if you're going to encode them into MP3 format yourself from WAV source input), but MP3 is "lossy". So your MP3-encoding parameters will produce smaller or larger files, and worse or better sounding files, depending on your encoding parameters. MP3 encoding is another subject for discussion, but MP3 files are supported by ID3 tags to contain metadata info such as artist, album and track name which will then appear in the J3's database for Music browsing. High-quality MP3 files may be about 20% the size of the original WAV file.

Or, you can encode to FLAC... which is a "lossless" format. This produces files that are about 60% the size of the original WAV file but is 100% identical to the original WAV file in sound quality, and in fact you could reproduce the original WAV file from the FLAC file if you needed to or wanted to. Most importantly, FLAC files also support tags... FLAC tags. And again, the J3 will thus be aware of each FLAC track by artist, album and track name.

WAV is not a suitable format for a portable music player that is tag-based for music browsing.

FLAC is functionally equivalent to WAV but also supports FLAC tags, whereas WAV supports no tags.

MP3 is "adequate" and is supported by ID3 tags. MP3 can sound quite "excellent" if you encode with high-quality parameters that will produce somewhat larger and better sounding files. Or, they can sound just "adequate" if encoded using lower-quality parameters that produce smaller and crummier sounding files. They can also sound "poor", if you encode using lousy parameters.
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