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This has been brought up many many times, this player works by tags, every mp3 file has them, so it shouldn't cause too much problems using them. If you really want folder browsing you have to look at other players, but working by tags really isn't that much of a hassle and has it's advantages for sorting your music.

Also it can't be said enough that noone should use Creative Centrale. There are other free programs that do the same, and are way better at it. Some come in all-in-one library managers (MediaMonkey, foobar2k), and some are for specific needs if one wants. For managing tags, I don't know about the program you linked, but I use MP3Tag ( which has many statisfied users including me. Oh and it's also free.

I don't know how you ripped your mp3s, but most software automatically applys at least some tags to the files. If you really see nothing in your Zen then you have to add them all manually. Mp3Tag has an option to get the tag information from the internet so you don't have to type all the info yourself, which is a great timesaver. I suggest you use that on your library, preferably before you load them onto the player because it's a lot slower to read/write to the player than your harddrive, and it doesn't hurt to have your pc library tagged properly anyway.
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