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Originally Posted by keren536 View Post
and yes, I really don't want to put the audiobooks on the internal memory - along with my music collection, there simply won't be any space left for videos and such. I don't have enough money to buy a J3 with more internal space then 16GB, so I'm going for the 16GB version with a couple of microSDHC cards.)
Forgive me if I thought "the poster" without genre in a very non discriminatory way, may some grammar rules should prevail here, I'm not expert in that field either.
I knew you have precise reasons to do this, but people are so strange that if you directly ask "Why do you want to put audiobooks on the card?" instead of sharing their ideas they can get defensive or aggressive as if you deny them some constitutional rights etc...
I spend few days lately sharing a card between a mp3 player and a phone not because of some brilliant personal management idea, but because I only have a single one and still not sure that I need another as I don't know yet what special thing to do with it.
Call it synchronicity, somebody send me an email yesterday, sharing with me a way to hide files on some devices. I hope you will eventually find one for your great player.
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