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Default Need opinion on headphone splitter

I currently use Sennheiser RS180 wireless headphones for listening to my PC and PS3. The transmitter is connected to the green jack (audio out) in my sound card and a stereo cable is connected from my sound card's line in to my TV's headphone jack.

While this does work there are two problems:

1) When line-in is turned on I hear a slight "SSSSHhhHH" sound in my headphones as I raise the volume. If I lower the line-in's volume by 2 decibels it becomes almost unnoticeable or just turn off line-in when I'm not using my TV it's fine but I would like a better solution.

2) My PC has to be on to hear sound from my TV.

I'm thinking about getting this:

I would connect the splitter to my RS180 transmitter and get two stereo cables to connect it directly to my TV's headphone jack and to my sound card. I'm just worried if there will be any impact on the sound quality.
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should be fine but htey sell it cheaper at monoprice...

they also have
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There's someone who's selling the splitter for $0.01 + $4.98 shipping on Amazon so it'll probably end up costing more or less (maybe less because of CA sales tax on Monoprice). Good site though, I bought a cheap HDMI cable from them before.

They only advertise the product as being able to connect two headphones/speakers to one source, but they should work fine for connecting two sources to one headphone correct?
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