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I tried you instructions and they worked!

I took a bunch of notes that may help others.

MSC Mode

The player is seen. Clicking on the Playlist button shows no existing playlist, although there are 5 on the R0 that were created on the R0.

Some songs are not visible. The folders are visible, but the .wav files aren't. mp3 files can be added to the playlist.
Disconnect. The playlist is visible and it works.

Use EmoDio again. The playlist is visible to EmoDio. Still, the ones created on the R0 are not visible. The listing for every song in the playlist has two garbage characters at the end of the song names.

MTP Mode

Select songs, right click and select "Create Playlist". It works. But..., I can only add songs from a single directory. There is no way to add other songs to the list from sub-directories, so this is not very usefull.

The playlist (.pla) is created in the Music folder, not the playlist area. (The EmoDio MSC .spl playlist was created in the Playlists folder.) Move the .pla files to the Playlist folder.

EmoDio does not understand .pla playlists, and they cannot be edited there. (At least while still in MTP mode.) There is no longer a Playlists button in EmoDio for the R0.

The playlists exist in the R0. The R0 copies the playlist to a .spl playlist, probably during database update.

The .pla files are some weird special format that show up as 0 bytes. They aren't even visible in a hex file viewer.
Warning: clicking open on a .spl file may open a Shockwave Flash Player.

Back to MSC mode… All playlists can be seen by EmoDio. (I assume that these are just the .spl ones.)

Take away:

  • Songs can only be added to playlists if they are already on the R0.
  • The EmoDio buttons that turn the right-hand screen on and off aren't concerned with the device at all times. The playlist button only shows playlists on the PC.
  • Wave files cannot be added to playlists by EmoDio, but they can be played on the R0.
  • You cannot switch modes while EmoDio is running without breaking EmoDio. Close EmoDio before unplugging the R0. Otherwise, it doesn't see the device when it is plugged in in a different mode. (I started in MSC, unplugged, changed to MTP, and there was no device when the R0 was plugged in again. EmoDio could't see the device at all, even after restarting EmoDio. I had to go back to MSC mode, plug it in, shut down EmoDio, then change modes to get EmoDio to see it.)
  • MTP mode is of very limited use for playlists. And maybe for anything else.
  • The R0 understands 3 playlist formats: .pla, .spl and .fav. EmoDio only understands .spl; it doesn't understand the R0's .fav playlists.
  • Since EmoDio doesn't understand the R0's format, creating playlists on the R0 is a waste of time. (However they might work if renamed to .spl; I haven't tried that.)
  • The R0 converts .pla to .spl for its internal use.
  • Playlist .spl and .fav formats are identical, except the .fav file is padded with null characters to make up a 64k block. They both start with FF FE as the first word.

Thanks for your help. It looks like it will be a usable product after all!

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