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They sound nothing alike.

It's a question of choosing between two different kinds of presentations. DBA-02 are a very good IEM. Personally I like them over HJE900, but they are not for everybody. I think of them as an enhanced, better, refined RE0. If you have an affinity for seeking every tiny detail in music, require speed, do not mind the aggressive treble, bright presentation, sacrifice bass quantity from what you're used to, then you can consider DBA-02.

But coming from CX550 and EP-630, I don't think DBA-02's bass would feel enough for you. Once you do the foam mod, find the right tip and have good source files, HJE900 will be a quality upgrade over your previous IEMs.

As for 'over-hype', there are those who do not like it as much. If Fischer Audio was geared to take on the current demand, the ownership would have been wide-spread and you may have a better idea of where they stand.

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