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Originally Posted by cnhardwick View Post
EDIT: I have yet to find any tips that let me listen to any MEElec IEM comfortably for more than 45 minute to an hour. I have decided it most like the V shaped sound signature of MEElec IEMs. Using Sony Hybrids helps though. I think they make the highs a little more bearable
That's interesting. I was talking about actual physical discomfort of the things plugged into my ears, but I think you're right about the sound signature, even though I don't have a lot to compare with other than standard headphones and speaker based systems. Bass from the M11+ is plentiful and nicely impactful, although it can sometimes a little 'tubby', as if listening inside a large metal drum. The highs, though, are more of an issue. They seem rather etched - not necessarily unpleasant, but edgy and a little fatiguing.

I think I'd prefer a more neutral sound and think I'll be trying some other IEMs in the near future. A couple that I'm considering right now are the Thinksound Rain and the Head-Direct RE0.

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