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Originally Posted by keiiferrer View Post
Thanks for the help, i believe funkymonkey nailed it, it's the lack of brightness that sounds different to me... also trying to "open" the sound as you suggested sounded much better to me...

I did tried the setting that DSperber suggested and wow... it really was something else... completely different sound, and yes, 3d like sound, guess i'll play around that setting because when i was inputting the eq values i started liking the sound a lot... thanks for all the help, i'll see what else i can do with the eq ^^
Brightness can be a good or bad thing depending on your ears..brightness can be introduced by the player,headphones or both.
Opening up the sound stage using the custom user settings really changes things and mdwright1032's settings are a great starting point with very few if any changes needed to the EQ to suit your ears and genre preferences.
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