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Originally Posted by deadohiosky View Post
i need to rectify my prior statement: it does work.

strangely though, you have to push the play button in order to power the player. and it works flawlessly. the screen works as well and you navigate and use the tactile buttons.
I haven't tried this for myself yet.

I wonder if it's still charging from the adapter while you're using it? Or, maybe putting into play-state turns off the charging function?

I suppose perhaps the battery-charge-percentage icon may provide the answer. If you're down to near-zero, and it takes some time for it to charge up, if the screen is active when you turn it on using this novel "play button" approach, and thus you can now see the battery charge icon, does it move up as time goes on (suggesting that charging is actually active and ongoing)? Or is it unmoving?

Anyway, I'm not using my J3 when it's plugged in to charge. I don't need to have it plugged in to play, since it has far more hours of capacity between charges than I could ever need (e.g., driving from LA to San Francisco and playing it through my car audio system... it's still less than 8 hours total, vs. the 40+ hours you get from one charge on the J3).

Might as well just play it all day long, disconnected. And then just plug it in for re-charging at night, while you sleep. Period. Like a cell phone. Why fight what works?
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