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Originally Posted by dhc0329 View Post
Is there a way to create playlist using media monkey?
I can right click on file under explorer to create a playlist but cannot add more songs to it.

Why isn't Sony providing a software to manage the device?
What is the best way to manage the songs in the device BESIDE
Windows Media Player...every time I open WMP it keeps on trying to
sync X1061 add garbage..

I use MediaMonkey to manage my music. It's a terrific program and I've found it to be a vast improvement over Windows Media Player. Its main limitation is that it it only designed to work with audio, not video or pictures. Since I don't use my player for anything but music it hasn't been an issue for me.

I have a different player than yours but I think that the process of creating playlists in MediaMonkey and loading them on your player should be the same as it is with mine.

It is possible to create two types of playlists with MediaMonkey (MM), regular playlists and autoplaylists. With a regular playlist you create it and then add songs to it. With an autoplaylist, you create it using a criteria (for example, all pop songs rated five stars) and it generate a playlist containing the songs that match that criteria.

To create a playlist in MM, do the following:

- Right click on "Playlists" in the Playlist Node (it's in the same area as "Library" and "Now Playing")

- Select the type of playlist you want to create.

-- If you select "New Playlist" name the new playlist.

-- If you select " New Autoplaylist" name the new playlist and establish the criteria for the items you want in the playlist. The songs that match that criteria will automatically be added to the playlist and it will automatically be updated.

If you've created a regular playlist, you will need to add songs to it. You can do this one of two ways:

- Drag and drop songs onto the playlist in the playlist node.

- Select songs and then send them to the playlist.

As far as putting the playlists on your player, you will need to do the following:

- On the menu bar click on "Tools" >> "Options."

- In the Options window select "Portable/Audio Devices" and select your player under "Available Devices."

- Click on the "Configure" button.

- In the Device Profile window, click on the Playlists tab.

- Check the playlists you want sent to your player.

When you sync your player the playlists (and the files they contain) will be sent to your player.

As far as adding songs to a playlist created via Windows Explorer, you will need to do the following:

- Open up the playlist on your player. You can do this by right clicking on it and select "Open" or by double clicking on it.

- To add files to the playlist, open up your player's music library in Windows Explorer (on my player it is in the Music folder), and drag and drop the songs into the playlist. The songs you add to the playlist will be placed at the end, but you can reorder the playlist.

- Click on "OK" to close and save the playlist.

I hope this helps.
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