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Default Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220

A.A.'s review of Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220:

Price paid $15 at Cash Converters
What comes included?:earphones, hard plastic case, different sized ear cushions, user and warranty booklets

What the Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220 packaging and earphones looks like:

In this photo, I've also included Ultimate Ear's MetroFi 100 for comparison.


Ultimate Ears-when you think of them, you're probably most familar with their custom and series earphones-but they also make the cheaper MetroFi series which are perfect for iPod/iPhone use.

My model, the 220 is at the top of the MetroFi range.


Compared to the MetroFi 100, the 220 features a rubber cord (instead of the fabric like cord on the 100's) and impressively designed earpieces-it's very comfortable to wear.

The driver design is a single Titanium Coated Neodymium driver in each earpiece.

The earpieces are finished in a silver finish with the "UE" logo.

Sound quality
As you'd expect Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220 sounds very impressive-with perfectly balanced, crisp sound and nice bass. Soundstage on these is excellent-very surprising with these the detail and vlarity of music is improved greatly.

The isolation is excellent for a passive IEM.

[B]Compared to: MetroFi 100/B]

220-rubber cord, uses a Titanium Coated Neodymium Dynamic driver

100-fabric cord, uses a basic mylar type driver

Any sownsides?
Wished there was a soft type carrying cse included
I was really impressed with Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220-Logitech has made a great sub $100 IEM and is highly recommended
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i got the 170 version. it is the 220's "little" brother. in germany you will get those for 30€ (the 220 cost around 50€). i have tested both versions but i kept the 170 version. for money/value it seems to be a better deal.

at first i'd like to say something about your review: you were complaining about a non existant carrying case. actually there should be one which comes with the headphones.

the 220's and the 170's have exactly the same design. except that the 170's are black and not chromed.
i've read in sereval reviews about those and many people are complaining that those phones are uncomfortable to wear. i cannot support this opinion. they really fit really nicely and they don't fall out of the ear at all.
okay, the ear piece feels a bit like plastic at first but after a while you get used to it (i am used to have the sennheiser-earpieces).

sound quality
like i said before: i tested both phones and the sound quality does not differ that much.
i only noticed a slightly difference at the high and low and low end. but only at extremely bassy music.
but all in all, the sound range is really impressive for those phones. it is well balanced and do not sound too bassy or too high.

as i said before: for me it isn't worth to pay 20€ more for the 220's to have almost the same sound quality. those phones are defenetly an upgrade and personnally i think that those sound better than sennheiser's cx300 or cx350 (my last two pairs).
when you are looking for good low-budget phones then those should be the perfect ones.

tested players: with creative zen mx and sandisc's clip (version 1)
music: pop, accoustic and heavy metal... and some "schlager" of course
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Know this is old as hell but seriously anybody looking for ANY backup phones decent clarity, clear sound this would be it. The durabilty hasn't failed me yet cord is the best, some type of bouncy material All in all a above average back-up phone.

Edit: I have like three of these, did I mention the cord.....freaking nice should have put weather resistant on the box.
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