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Default Replacement for RE0s

Hello all! I haven't posted here in ages, but the oldies might remember me. My RE0s finally broke (sound cuts out in left, recabling, hot glueing, soldering, scolding all failed) and I'm looking for a replacement. I do want IEMs still. I remember reading a review here about some JVC phones or something that were to rival the re0 - are those still the recommendation?
I'll go through the checklist to make sure I don't miss anything:
  • Price Range: up to $120 or so. preferably avail. on amazon.
  • Type/Design: iems
  • Open/closed: don't really care, as usually I'm just sitting in bed listening
  • Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: Basically I love detail. That's what I really liked about the re0s. But I could handle a little bit more bass and highs - basically a more "fun" sound.
  • Media: Lots of acoustic guitar, like Dave Matthews. Other rock, like arcade fire, dire straits. lots of an recordings of taper-friendly concerts - so they should be able to compensate somewhat for bad recording. I use a cowon s9, if that helps.
Thanks for any ideas.
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If you want an re0 like sound, but with a little more bass and better build quality, I would recommend the sunrise xcape. It also costs $80.

Here's a good review of them by an individual whose opinion I trust. Just use the find function to get to "2c22".
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I would highly recommend the Phonak PFE. Review is linked in my signature.
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