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Default Is it possible to fix the random shut-offs?

I've had my nano for over 3 years at least, and have never had any of the "common" problems (no problems period, actually) with it over the course of its use until last week... it randomly shuts off, whether 15 seconds after I turn it on, or after half a folder's worth of music... there's no rhyme or reason to it at all.

I've formatted the storage space- no difference.

I've used Creative's MP3 Recovery Tool and updated the firmware- no difference.

I've opened the case and made sure the connection between the two PCBs was clean- no difference.

I'm going to be getting a new player soon, but I'd really like to resurrect this little guy if possible... I haven't found any concrete solutions when searching online, so I figured I'd ask here and see if anyone knows a sure-fire way to fix whatever might be causing this issue :c
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I had a similar problem a while back, it was the battery momentarily disconnecting when the nano was jumping around on the neck strap. The cure was to gently stretch the battery contact spring so that the contact was better.
Are the contacts nice and clean?

You should be able to tell if it's doing this because the nano will start playing from when it was last powered off, rather than where it was in the song when it shut off.

Hope this helps

Mine is still going strong except for:
...Battery door held on by scotch tape
...USB port cover missing
...Neck strap cord held in place with glue
...Scratches all over.
And the sound quality is still as good as new.
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Which batteries are you using? If you are using alkalines, have you tried using an nimh rechargeable? Did you try cleaning the battery contacts and stretching the spring out a bit so it will hold the battery tighter?
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