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Default Touchpad help before buying replacement kit

hi. i posted a thread here ard 2 years ago regarding my touchpad but i put my player away since i cant find a solution.

basically the buttons go haywire, when i press the play/pause button it skips to the next song, when i press next it goes to the main menu etc. but now, one real solution is to replace the touchpad by purchasing a new touchpad kit via ebay. that includes buttons and most importantly, the motherboard for the touchpad which imo is the real cause of problem. i want to purchase it asap, thought i come here for some good advice first. other than the touchpad, everything else is working fine.

please help me out guys, really appreciate any help coming. thanks in advance =)
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Default Try before buying

Have you tried to make a software update? Are you sure that the cause of the malfunction is a bad wiring? When you say that the motherboard of the buttons maybe bad I don't understand you. There is only one main board. Have you dissassembled your zen vision m? Have you checked that the flat wire from the buttonery is securely connected? Once I dissassembled my zen vision M and I thought that I broke the screen but it was just that I didn't push firmly enough the screen wire!
Please, tell me more so I'll try to help.

PD: I watered my zen and managed to repair it after making several try and error!
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