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inthemist, you shouldn't have to worry about bricking your s9 as long as you remember to eject it correctly from your pc. Most of the bricking occurs because people get excited and the forget to observe the rules about safely ejecting usb connected devices. As long as you remember to eject properly you won't have any problems. I've had my device for over a year and have yet to do anything bad to it and it runs like a champ. You'll especially love how good the music sounds with a quality pair of headphones. You'll want to upgrade to a decent pair. I have a pair of klipsch S4's and they are especially nice paired with my player. They're not the most expensive but I didn't want to spend money on another pair of headphones that bricked themselves over a two year period because of poor wiring. That happened with two previous headphones. Oh, and the video on the S9 is nothing short of amazing. TV shows and movies look incredible. I do recommend invisible shield to protect your baby. I don't know how many people here with s9's actually have protected their players but it's worth it. I don't have to put my s9 in a protective cover and it has no scratches at all. Invisible shield was about $25+ shipping. Only thing I'd recommend is to find a zagg kiosk and have them install it if you buy it. They'll charge you an additional $10 to install it but it's better for them to do it. Why? Well, zagg used to enclose a small rubber squeegee for installing your invisible shield on electronics. Now it's a credit card and the credit card sucks! When I went to the zagg kiosk what were they using? A rubber squeegee to install invisible shields. I even chatted with a guy at the kiosk and he told me he hated the credit card as well.
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