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I can only speak for the S9, but I did find that the S9 is fussy with .m3u playlists. Once I had around 200 or so total playlists on the S9, I started getting "no file" errors when trying to execute some playlists. I usually found that I had the best luck getting functional playlists by adding them to the S9 using mediamonkey, but even then, sometimes it would take two tries before the S9 would recognize them properly. Also, once I started nearing the 400 total .m3u playlists limit on the S9, I also started having some errors with the S9 loading up the video library when browsing using folder mode. Some folders within the main video folder showed "no file," even though there were non-corrupted .avi files in them. If I browsed all video files using the video option with the media library, clicked on one that was contained in each of the subfolders of the video folder, turned the S9 off, turned it back on, then browsed again using folder mode, the videos did show up in the folder. Whenever I added more music or more videos, I'd get the "no file" errors when browsing videos in folder mode again. Once I got to a point where I maxed out the number of .m3u playlists the S9 could recognize, I just decided to remove all of the .m3u playlists, and started playing all of my music back using mostly folder mode or by browsing using tags. Once all of the .m3u playlists were removed, I didn't get any of the "no file" problems when browsing for videos using folder mode. Overall, I'm still happy with the S9, so I wouldn't let my experience discourage you from getting an S9. My other main comment about the S9 (for the 32 GB version anyway) is that the maximum number of audio files it will recognize is 8,000. From what I experienced, this is 8,000 actual audio files and excludes /m3u playlist files. Most of the music on my S9 is 128 VBR ogg (which sounds great on the S9 in my opinion). I did reach a point where I maxed out on the total number of audio files the S9 could recognize, and I had about 1 GB of space on the internal drive that I would have liked to store more music on. If you encode at a higher bitrate than 128 VBR, you probably won't experience this problem. I don't expect any of these issues to be resolved with future firmware updates for the S9 (if there even are anymore). I would have been nice though if they increased the total number of audio files the S9 could recognize to say 10,000, and lifted the limit of .m3u playlists the S9 would recognize. Oh, well. Still a great player.
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