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Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
So now don't hesitate to report the bugs to me ahaha
Sure, since you offer it so nicely.

The things that (so far) annoy me the most about the R0 firmware are:
  • First button-click turns on the screen, only the second click executes the function I want it to do. This is highly annoying. I don't want to turn on the screen when the player is in my pocket, I want it to skip a track, or pause/unpause it - on the first click, not on the second.
  • Very slow bootup time. Even without database rebuild, this thing takes ages to start. It should have a sleep mode with instant-on or something similar, like Cowons and Sonys.
  • Annoying startup and shutdown sounds can't be turned off.
  • No pan/balance. The easiest to implement feature, right after volume control. My ears are imbalanced (and so are the ears of a multitude of people out there), pan/balance should be an essential feature on any player - just like on any decent home hifi amp. Can't use the R0 without a self-made pan control adapter cable.
  • Gapless. Well, it's ridiculous not having gapless in 2010. Just thought I mention it again.
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