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Default Oops.

THE BAD NEWS: Thanks to me being an idiot, stepping on the plug and ripping the cord, I've had to re-cable.

THE GOOD NEWS: These benefit GREATLY from a re-cable. But, let me make this perfectly clear; it's the thickness of the wire that makes the difference. NOT some B.S. "super space-age polymer oxygen free diamond encrusted" magic sauce.

I just went to RadShack and picked up a run-of-the-mill 6ft, 1/8" stereo to dual stereo RCA cable and although quite "stiff", it works beautifully. I thought these had bass before.....WOW! It's like a whole new pair headphones. Clarity on the mids and highs seems to have taken a turn for the better as well; but I could just be imagining things. And of course, the mic and iPod controls were removed.

As previously mentioned, the only thing I have a problem with is the stiffness and sheer thickness of the cable. If I had to do it again, I would probably have used a less thick/more pliable cable. But I'm still quite pleased and especially happy with the sound quality.


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