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Compared to the J3 or Clip+ the R0 firmware is not great at all - but the same goes for most other players out there, so I'm not specifically dissing the R0, I know that most players are crap (Sony, Creative, Iriver, Zune, etc) - at least for my needs. *All* companies target a mainstream market (except niche garbage not even worth mentioning, like Hifiman, AMP3, s-flo, etc), so there's no excuse for having less features than an iPod - the pinnacle of mainstream marketing, the proverbial target to aim for.

Of course nobody expects Samsung to embrace Rockbox with open arms - but the first steps in the right direction have been made, by independent hackers, documented right here on the forums. 99.999% of all people don't care, but I'm talking about the 0.001% I belong to. I wonder how strictly Samsung follow the GPL, since they didn't release the relevant source code, as you said.

I have to add that of course the price of the R0 is amazing - you get an exceptionally well built 16GB player for less than EUR 100. That puts everything in perspective, and the R0 is really awesome for that price.

Anyways, this was supposed to be an RMAA thread, but I guess such discussions are inevitable.
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