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Originally Posted by coffee_prince View Post
Hi all

Budget I would say is aroubnd $100ish, the thing is that any earphones I buy always break within a few months as the wires near the joints get loose etc, so I haven't bought any higher priced ones than this.

Maybe I am not looking after them? I would use them everyday and treat them like any other person, roll it up around my PMP and put it in my pocket

I'd probably fork on more if they lasted a long time
Stop that and your headphones have a fighting chance. I went through 10-12 sets of cheap to medium priced headphones and the always failed the same way. One side would start shorting out near the plug. A little bit later they were gone.

I read here to that wrapping them around the player was a sure way to break them. They were right. I store mine in an Altoids tin or a small pouch in a loose 4 finger roll. Haven't lost a pair since.

When I went back and started repairng the better ones I found that regardless of the thickness of the outer coating the actual wire is incredibly thin. If you wrap them around the corners of your player sooner or later it's going to break the headphones.

Edit: Steve beat me to it but he's dead on, find another way to store your headphones.
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