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Originally Posted by shinybeast View Post
I am now wandering through the (seemingly endless) forest of EQ settings, and anxiously await a pair of JVC FX500, just ordered, to enhance the deliciously daunting task of finding the perfect setting(s). Even on my aging ATH-CM700s, the sound is pretty darn stunning. First impressions are that if the bass presence of "BBE Headphone2" could be combined with "Crystal Clear" sound, I could die a happy man. But I recall reading in one of the forums that it will not be a simple matter of tweaking one of the presets.
You might experiment with this one, from MDWright1032. He also posted the same suggested EQ settings on this forum, in this post.

After his original posts, he added mention of some additional changes to the frequencies for the EQ, in this post.

EDIT: note that he even posted that EQ setup in THIS THREAD (a bit earlier, back in November)

I've tried this setup myself, and must remark that it is truly outstanding (with my very large Sony CD950 headphones)! I think it will give you the combination you're looking for.

At least one person has rejected it as "too harsh", preferring a more flat purist sound from the J3.

Several people have confirmed my own feeling, that it is very LOUD (at least compared to flat, or one of the other standard J3 presets like "BBE")! Certainly it is as loud at a volume setting of 31-32 as you would get from flat/BBE with a volume setting of 36-38... so yes, I would say THAT IS LOUD!

But if you keep the volume down around 31, the above mentioned EQ (should we call it "the MDWright1032 EQ"?) is really stunningly gorgeous... with a kind of clarity, presence, and 3D-like reality that makes other settings I've previewed just sound dull and flat, almost "compressed" in comparison.

Give it a try.


Just for ease of reference, MDWright1032 EQ is as follows:

EQ: 7,-1,5,8,9
Wide,Normal,Narrow, Normal,Wide

BBE: 10
Mach3Bass: 6
3D Surround: 3

SE Enhance: On
Reverb: Off

With minor tweaks to the five frequency bands:

80Hz 220Hz 1.4kHz 3.0khz 11.7khz

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