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Default Archos 504- buttons stopped working

My up, down, left, and right buttons just stopped working. Everything else works fine. I can start a video but I can't control the volume or pick the file I want because the only buttons that work are the 'ok' button, menu, and the double forward ( >> ), and the double reverse ( << ) buttons. Did you ever get your problem solved. Any help, please

Originally Posted by trakenite View Post
I'm new here, so I don't know whether, or not, this has been discussed before, but about an hour or two ago my 'ok' button stopped working, for no apparent reason, meaning that I couldn't select anything (I was just about to start listening to a new audiobook I've got). This happened about a week or two ago, and worked fine shortly afterwards.

Is there anyway that I can sort this problem out myself, at home, because I, currently, don't really have the money to send it back to be mended.

Thanks in advance...

Ps, several months ago the left direction button stopped working. but, seeing as the right one is still working, this is no major problem...
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