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Default Fake Headsets!!!

I know this is a cross thread but its important for everyone to be aware
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=P I dunno if fake beats are such a bad idea, the real ones break so easily anyways and I don't think the people who use them would really notice the difference in sound quality.
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Well I've been on a Fake Headset kick for the past couple of weeks. I am want to get a real good set of IEMs for my son’s. They won’t go with Dad’s UM3x nor do I want to pay that much for them to eventually loose. At the root of this little “fad kick” I’ve been on I am noticing that Fakes will eventually destroy ecommerce and peoples trust they have in using the internet. Its like when you turn on you pc and have to worry about stinkin viruses, it’s the same thing! My elderly parents live and die by HSN and QVC but I would hate to see them waste more money on some fake Chinese piece of junk. It really ticks me off what these guys are doing. I have a friend who just visited China and he was amazed by how many knockoffs that were being sold on the streets. Even in businesses you would see the little icon on windows pc’s the Activation Key because that software was copied.
Anyway I hope everyone keeps on top of the players and headsets. No Fakes!
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Hear hear! Fake headphones are horrid and need to be wiped from the planet...far more intrusive and troubling than say, fake Louis Vuitton bags made in China

And yes is a fine site AFAIK...
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