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Default Dealing with D2's idiotic database management

This is my biggest complaint about my D2, which when it works works wonderfully. Here is how I have learned to cope with the issue:

1. Format your D2 internal flash as well as the SD card you use.
a. Google "Panasonic SD formatter" and download
b. Make sure you copy all your files to your hard drive, including system files
c. Run the SD formatter in Full - Erase ON, Automatic Adjustment OFF modes
d. Copy back ONLY THE SYSTEM FILES to your D2 (and POWERDIC if you have the Korean firmware) using regular Windows file manager
e. Boot the D2
2. Download JRiver Media Jukebox
a. Have all your files on your hard drive, ensure that you have a good scheme for classifying them. This is a powerful program and will help you better manage your entire library
b. Plug your D2 into your computer, let JRiver recognize it. Drag and drop tracks you want to add to the D2 icon in JRiver. It will queue up the files in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Click "Options" to set the filename and directory structure you want to use on your D2.
c. Click Transfer and let the computer do its thing (can take several hours for 16 GB of music). Do the same for SD card. For some reason, if you copy a bunch of music files over from Windows File Manager (drag+drop method), it doesn't copy them in the same way as if you let JRiver transfer one file at a time, and can cause problems with database recognition.
d. Boot your D2. Verify that your files are there.
e. Turn off and reboot your D2. Verify that it starts up quickly (generally just a few seconds)
f. When you add additional files, always do it through JRiver, never copy in Windows
3. Install Rockbox
Sometimes your D2 database will screw up no matter what you do. And sometimes you just can't spend the hours and hours it takes to re-format the drives, recopy the music. So it's worth it to get Rockbox installed on there as an alternative. Just Google "D2 Rockbox" and you should find what you're looking for. A bit technical, but if you're persistent (or have a technically inclined friend) you should be able to do it. I used Rockbox for about 6 months recently because I couldn't get around to fixing my D2 database, it works well and sounds great, just doesn't have BBE.

If you take all three of these approaches, you should be able to enjoy your D2 again as a music player, rather than a rectangular hockey puck.

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