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Originally Posted by wyrdeau View Post
..apologies for taking your time - just another thought...

As you say the pitch change on the U5 which accompanies the speed change renders it much less usable - I had considered getting the U5 but that would rule it out for me.
Yes... and Samsung was lying in its communication. They were saying "For those who want to learn foreign languages, the feature Play & Learn allows you to adjust the play speed without changing the pitch."
So after noticing in my U5 review that was wrong I asked them to remove this sentence from their websites...
With the pitch changing, that's quite funny but that's not helpful to learn a foreign language...

But coming back to the R0; can one also use the A-B function at the same time as the slow playback 1, 2 or 3 ?
Yes of course. Works perfectly, I just tried
There is one "option" button that allows you to change the play options (play mode, play speed, play interval) and there is a user button dedicated to the A-B function in music mode.

I hope Samsung realise what an asset you are to their operation!
They do realise. Otherwise I would not own more than 10 Samsung DAPs. I don't personally have the money to buy them^^
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*

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