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Default Sennnheiser CX300 @

Hi guys,

yea as you can see I'm new to this forum . I was about to buy the Senn CX300 and I was wondering if none of you know a good seller for the sennheiser in I'm kind of scared being scammed with a fake one like this one:

Not sure :/

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*Every* CX300 you buy on eBay is fake. Just forget about getting them there. Buy them in a reputable brick&mortar store, or get other IEMs.
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what about Amazon, are those fake?
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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
get other IEMs.
This IMO.

There so many better IEMs in the $50-100 range there is no reason to settle on the CX300. CX300 have a bass centered sound signature though more in the midbass and muddy. There are other options for example, Hippo VB, Hippo Boom, Panasonic HJE900 all can be had for under $100 and offer great bassy sound signatures. This link should help as well
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