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Having been an owner of a 16GB View for over 2,5 year, I can say that it has served me well. It sounds okay, the UI is far from good, and sometimes it can behave strangely. I have not had any big problems, though.

However, I would not now, in 2010, recommend it for someone who wants a new player and who will use it as the only player. If you had a main player and wanted a backup or if you had a big music library and wanted a second player, I would say "sure, get a View". It does it's job of playing music and videos and not much more.

If you could think of getting both a Clip+ and a View, you could get a 2GB or 4GB Clip+ and then you would have close to 20GB capacity in total. If the View decides to stop working (others have reported this, I have not noticed anything like that...), you would still have the Clip+ and then you could get a MicroSD card as well.

If you do not want to go over 70 Euro, perhaps a 8GB Clip+ might be the best choice. Then you can get a 8GB MicroSD card.
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