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Well I received the Hippo Pearls yesterday. When I got them I decided that I should test them before I gave to my wife ... to make sure they were good ;-)

These were the second pair of IEMs I have ever used, so my opinion doesn't come from very much experience.

The first pair of IEMs that I have used were a cheapo pair that I bought at BestBuy on a whim. The Hippos blew them away, but that's not too hard since they pretty much stink.

The first thing I noticed were the materials. The body is made material that I couldn't identify. It feels cold like metal, but it sounds like stones hitting each other when the left and right IEM hit. Maybe they are ceramic? I don't know if this is good or not, but it feels better than cheap plastic. The other noticeable material were the tips. They felt like a nice soft rubber -- maybe it was silicon. I thought these tips were quite comfortable in my ears.

Since my Philips IEMs don't fit into my canals, these were an entirely new experience. It took me a few minutes playing around with them to realize that they sounded much better when the tips fully plugged my ears.

Isolation seems pretty good on these. I was so eager to try these out, I wore them while driving home from Fedex. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to do that. However, from that experience I can tell you the isolation is very good -- I could hardly hear my car, and it can be loud!

As far as the sound quality goes, I think they are decent. The bass is pretty good and the highs sound clear. I found that they sound better at louder volumes. Last night, I was using my Samsung Fascinate to play some music from Grooveshark and some other music I had stored on the phone. Some of the Grooveshark music sounded fantastic (Lady Gaga) and some sounded muddy. I think some of the music that I was listening to was low quality -- I wish there was a way to tell in the Grooveshark app what the Kbps is. I used an app called PowerAmp to play the music stored on my phone. I love this app because it has a great equalizer. I was able to adjust how the playback sounded to my liking for these IEMs.
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