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The rated battery life on the Clip+ is 15 hrs vs. 24hrs for the Fuze. AFAIK nobody ever gets that in real life. The test conditions just aren't anywhere near how anyone I know actually uses a DAP. Much more realistic expectations are here,

I wouldn't make the chance I'd get a V1 or V2 a concern in my purchasing decision.The only way to tell which version it is would be to turn it on and check the firmware version. The V1 hasn't been made in quite a while so it's highly unlikely Amazon or Sansa would be still shipping those.

Battery life aside the big difference for me is the D-pad vs. the scroll wheel. If you have a lot of albums it can take a lot of turning of the scroll wheel to move up and down the lists. With the Clip+ you just press and hold the direction you want to go. It can zip through hundreds of files in a few seconds.

I also like that the Clip+ has an external volume control. The external volume control lets you change the volume without having to navigate back to the Now Playing Screen. That can be very handy at times.
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