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The differences between the Clip+ and the original Fuze is battery life , screen size and the D-pad vs. the scroll wheel. Sandisk firmware updates have brought both of them to the same level of codec support. I use .ogg Vorbis on both my Clip+ and Fuze in both the OF and Rockbox. Rockbox supports a wide variety of codecs including .ogg Vorbis. Follow the link in my sig to find out just how many.

The screen size doesn't affect the amount of storage. A Clip+ and a Fuze with the same internal storage and the same size card will hold the same amount of files. The Clip+ screen is small but bright and readable. I can read it in everything but the brightest direct sunlight. That a common failing of most portable players including the Fuze.

BTW, smart move on the Fuze+. Unloaded it's not too bad. Once you load it "sluggish" doesn't come close to describing how poor the performance is.
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