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Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
It used to be my main mp3 player and thought it would remain forever but I was probably too optimistic.
Now it's rather gathering dust among my 15 DAPs. And indeed, that's due to the HDD fragility compared to flash memory but also due to the dead battery (less than 5hrs battery life left). So maybe one day I'll replace the battery too

What's the battery life with the new battery?
I'm guessing battery life depends on how much the player is used = number of times it is recharged. I would say 3 to 4 years is the reliable life with unreliability setting in around the 5 year mark.

I agree the card memory is better BUT must say the Samsung has been fine, despite being dropped a couple of times.

I've just ripped 6200 CDs into a Sooloos HDD system (capacity 4 TB) and could export files to the Samsung (and/or the Cowan) but doubt if I'll bother. I'm backing up the Sooloos files as I write and it will take around 3 days with each CD backing up at a bit under a minute each - still faster than the 5 to 6 mins each took to be ripped. I've had a ripping time this last month or so and am a bit sick of the process at the moment!!

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not a difficult task

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