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Originally Posted by kasrhp View Post
You like the tiles though? I love the rest of the UI. Very Zune like. I think the Zune has the best looking UI on the market though. How do you feel about losing widets and other little customizable features?
The widgets i found to be useful on the HTC Android were the widgets that allowed you to toggle wireless bluetooth or wifi or even screen brightness. Also the other stock, weather, and messaging widgets were nice too, but were only useful in full screen.

The first set up widgets should not exist, the OS should be smart enough to correctly manage the wireless settings as not to waste the battery life. So to fix the fundamental problem of battery life would be to make the OS handles the management of the services better- not to add widgets that would force the user to manage them their selfs. Does WP7 phone properly manage wireless and battery? no. slightly better than Android, but still a long way to go.

Then the other type of information displaying widgets, its more of less a toss up on ease of seeing the information. Even if you have a widget on an Android phone, you will still have to swipe to a different screen, on the HTC Incredilbe there are 5 home screens to flip though to get to the widget you want to display if its not currently on the screen you are looking at. If you are on WP7 its a click (on the home tile) away instead of a swipe. Here nor there, both easy.

What it comes down to for me is that Android takes more work to maintain your UI- awesome if you like to tweak every customization, but it certainly takes some time. With Android i felt like i spent more time maintaining my phone than using it.
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