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Woah! Over a year ago, I told you guys that I bought the Zen stone for 17.99. It still works, but I got a Sony and only use the stone for emergencies (like recently when my Sony S738 was stolen).

Random note: I've had lots experience with Creative (I had one of the earliest MuVos... 512 MB memory - a Zen Mini - a Zen V Plus - and a Stone). And each player had it's major flaws for me, but I continued to buy them because I liked Creative and their interface and sound quality. If any of you are looking to ditch Creative, I'd go with a Sony! They're a perfect blend of reliability, quality, and user friendliness.
-MuVo Micro N200 512 MB -Zen Micro -Zen V Plus 2GB -Zen Stone -Sony Walkman A800 -Sony Walkman S738 <Favorite> -Sony Walkman E354
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