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Default Rockbox!?

I'm just wondering when the rockbox comes out for sansa!!
Its like just nobody cares...But if some NEW IPODE COMES then its pretty quick finished 'n stuff : @.

PS!When i wanted to search "sansa" or "e200" in the rockbox forums,there were no topics.

Explain !?
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i pod was one of da first there are hundrets and so it needs more time

here u can see the current status mate :

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there was an "linux on your ipod" mod, so all the drivers were already made for the ipod. the rockbox guys didn't have to do em.

with the sansa, they have to start from the ground up to make it compatible with the sansa.

the rockbox port is in the "new port" area. they should have a thread dedicated to the sansa, and it seems they're close to finishing. however, it is a volunteer effort, so it happens when it happens.
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Actually, the iPod version is still *far* from finished too. But the Sansa one should catch up with the iPod one, and then they'll both finish at about the same time (due to similarities in several aspects of the hardware, specifically the CPU itself).

There has never been a "release" version for the iPod yet. It hasn't "come out". Right now the most major holdup on the Sansa is audio support. The hardware has no documentation that we can legally use, so it's difficult to implement. Until a *legal* solution to this issue is found, there's very little that can properly be done in that area. And of course, an MP3 player without sound isn't much of an MP3 player, is it?
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