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Originally Posted by slade View Post
i did configure sdl using directfb do you think that might be the issue and instead use fbcon?
I could try to reconfigure it again with fbcon option but I thought direct framebuffer represents /dev/fb but thanks for the info!!!
You can try both. Compile sdl with directfb and fbcon, without x11

You can set the environment variable "SDL_VIDEODRIVER" to the name of the driver you want to use:

export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=fbcon
export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=directfb
directfb have hardware accellerated, but I don't know if it is usable on R0

Originally Posted by slade View Post
Jean you are saving me so much time!! Thank you very much for your help its amazing how much knowledge one can gain from someone like you and how much passion you put in the project! Thank you soo much for you help I really appreciate it!

Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
Not officialy (I only signed one NDA with Samsung in September 2009 when I saw the IceTouch and the MyFit in exclusivity) but we can say it's as if I was under NDA... The relation I have with my contacts at Samsung is based on mutual trust
I have imagined, but I couldn't not ask
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