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Derailed again and i had nothing to do with it! lol

In an attempt to satisfy your genuine curiosity, please allow me to offer my own 2 cents on the subject.

Indeed, not every Apple product user is an "isheep" - it would be hyperbole to say so. However, it does appear that a significant majority are indeed relatively clueless as to exactly why they desire and purchase Apple products, if the people in my own wide circle of friends and acquaintances are any indication. Conversations with these folks often go like this:

"Hey, I see you got a new Nano."
"Yeah man, its awesome. Sexy as hell right?"
"Hmm, yeah, it does seem pretty nice. How does it sound? And no offense, but you're a big guy...isn't that touchscreen thing kinda small? I mean how do you get around on the thing, you know, using the features and stuff?"
"Dude, this thing is so cool. What's EQ? The screen is so slick - I can swipe and tap stuff. It's a lot of fun..."
"Yeah, OK, but how does it sound?"
"Sounds good man, but the screen is so cool and its so small!"
" what did you pay for that again?"
"It was like 190USD - I think that was for 16GB size. Dude, look at this thing! Its so small and cool..."
"Nice man...enjoy that..."

Hyperbole, sure, a little bit, but not too far off the mark from real conversations I have had with people.

Lots of people have used/own Apple products here - this site is not so much anti-Apple as it is to explore alternatives, products that do more, do stuff better, and do it all for much less.

OK, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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