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Originally Posted by fhantazm View Post
Why so angry? This whole "hate on Apple" fad is getting quite long in the tooth. Although, I have mostly Sandisk players, I do enjoy the occasional romp in the bed with other manufacturers, including Apple. I've bought 1 or 2 pairs of 'phones from Apple, but I certainly don't think that classifies me as being a sheep. To be honest, I really wouldn't care if it did. I got what I wanted, and didn't have to wait for it (unlike 80% of my other gear I bought from online vendors). It's nice to be able to walk into a store, purchase, walk out, and use it almost immediately. Sure you usually end up paying more, but sometimes it's worth it. Not always, but sometimes.
First the only angry tone in my post is your assumption of said angry tone, i simply made a plain remark with no emotion or anger intended.

I have no hate for apple products, i post positively about them often, and i own an iphone and 3 ipods.

What i dislike are stores like the apple store that sell merchandise not based on quality but on it's manufacturers marketing effectiveness to ensure that they are able to sell mass quantities. The apple store is only one of the many stores run in such a manner, another being best buy and futureshop here in Canada, both of which i dislike just as much.

More so i despise how all of these stores overprice and markup their merchandise as they see fit and offer very little real customer service in favour of offering misinformation to sell their overpriced products. I really like how when i went in to the apple store feigning ignorance, i had the sales person constantly pushing me towards monster beats solo as opposed to the lower cost, higher quality Sennheiser cans to make commission or whatever incentives they get.

Originally Posted by fhantazm View Post
My point is, when did it become "uncool" for a manufacturer to market their product? Or for a person to patronize a particular store to purchase said product? Just because something's being sold at an Apple store, doesn't mean it's instantly a sub-par product and marketed towards unwitting "sheep". On the other hand, just because a product has no visible branding or advertising, doesn't magically make it superior. The aiaiai for instance may very well be superior to the Klipsch and probably are. But this decision shouldn't be based on looks and/or advertisement alone.

I'm definitely not being argumentative, but am honestly interested in the mentality involved.
You make far too many assumptions about the meaning of my simple post. Marketing is something i do not take into consideration when it comes to purchasing a product, as marketing hold little to no truth and/or very one sides truths meant to make units move off the shelves.

The marketing of a product in no way offers any indication of the quality of said product, as it is simply a means to produce sales.

Where did i state that my decision is based on looks or advertisement alone, in fact i stated the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of that sentiment in this very thread. I base my conclusions on the impressions had by those whos opinion i have grown to respect such as dfkt, or The Larch for example about the TMA1, as well as researching all of the pertinent technical information, then i will take into account the aesthetics of a product.

Hopefully that will give you a clearer view of my views on the subject.
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