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Default a-jays to replace my beloved cx300?

Hi there, someone stole me my bag with inside my cx300

now I'm looking for a new in-ear, and I was wondering if a-jays are as good as y old cx300.

I looked at some user experience and I see that the model two has a more pronounced tone, while three is more flat, do you think the a-jays two is the better model for me?

I listen metal music
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If you're already use to the cx300s and even call them "beloved" why not just get a new pair, they're not expensive still.

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because I noticed that many users consider them bad, so I was thinking that if for me they were good the others will be stellar

Am I wrong?
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I have/had em...the CX300s are prolly the world's most popular IEM - been that way for years. Sheer numbers sold, I recall reading that they are number 1.

I always thought they were great...until I started hanging around here and getting an education. Now, to my ears, compared to IEMs I have these days, they are just "ok". I now find the bass to be plentiful, but muddy and indistinct, the mids to be a little weak and the highs ok, but not so crisp.

- What's your budget?
- Are you a basshead? Need thumping nightclub/concert PA bass?
- Where are you in the world? Not all stuff readily available.
- What are you sources/portable players?

We don't need your life story, but the more info you can provide, the better the suggestions will be from folks here.

Also, start reading here:

And that other site has 2 priceless threads for IEM info:

Try to narrow down a list of possibles to like 5-6, according to your budget/availability/musical preferences. Then ask for opinions...

If you don't wanna go through all the reading/research/due diligence, then maybe suggest you look into the CX300 II. I have heard these are a bit cleaner and crisper sounding than the CX300 - if you liked the CX300, chances are you will enjoy the CX300 II.

Warning: If you really get hooked on the idea of trying to find the perfect IEMs for yourself, you are in for a ton of reading and asking around It may drive you crazy, but the rewards, if you are a real music lover and care about such things, can be awesome...

Long story short ['cause I like to hear myself type], I got no ideas on the a-jays, though I have heard good things about the q-jays. Still, IMO, there are many others to consider instead of only the q-jays, which is the point of this post. Unless you are set on the a-jays/q-jays brand, in which case feel free to ignore me...

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if you like the cx300s dont worry about other peoples opinions. if you are just wanting to try something new and see what else is out there, you have plenty of options. budget is definitely needed in this convo though. When reading the IEM thread by joker on headfi keep in mind that he likes his bass a little on the lighter side. IEMs that he says are bass heavy sound good to me and the vsang r02 that he says has nice bass is a little on the low side for my tastes. it sounds good, just not a ton there. Keep in mind that these opinions are subjective to many many things and should just be used as general guides. if you can, get a pair that is mentioned on theses lists from a place with a good return policy. listen to them and compare your impressions witht he reviewers. kind of gives you a baseline to interpret the rest of the reviews from that person.
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you get what you pay for.
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